Beginning Gardening Tips

Gardening is a great activity that can in turn be relaxing and rewarding. You'll find few places around the world where a garden is impossible though you may need an indoor garden. It's possible, with a little bit of land on your hands to grow a vegetable garden, flower garden, or some combination of the two. You can use these tips to get better results from your garden wherever it may be.
Flower gardens are popular with beginners because they look and smell nice. Choose native flowers that will be easy to care for where you live for the best odds of a successful and low stress garden.

It's important to factor the sunlight needs of flowers in your garden and plan your garden accordingly. Perennials are the easiest for many new gardeners because they flower at a certain time of the year and return year after year. Annuals, on the other hand, only survive for a single season, so they must be replanted every year. You should also choose flowers that go well with your home and property.
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Be prepared to deal with pesky insects and other garden loving pests. No one wants to go through the painful process of losing a season to pests. Pesticides are becoming a less and less popular choice for pest control because of their many risks. There are many natural alternatives when it comes to pest control. You can, for example, make or buy a pesticide whose active ingredient is garlic, onion or mint. Salt is an excellent repellant for ants. Ants are easily repelled by regular old-fashioned table salt. There are many natural ingredient options to repel pests that pose little harm and are much less expensive than traditional pesticides.
Cooking a meal with herbs fresh from the garden is one of the most satisfying things for a gardener. Some herbs prefer indirect sun or shade, but most of them thrive under full sun. There are some basic herbs that nearly anyone can achieve success with like rosemary or thyme for instance. Cuttings taken from another plant is one way to cultivate these plans, but they are also available from most nurseries. Spraying the new seedlings as needed with a light mist is beneficial.
Overwintering your herbs in containers may be a good idea if you have to deal with harsh winters. The beginning gardener can't go wrong with a basic herb garden and they even get the culinary benefits as well. Many people find gardening to be very rewarding. It's not all about the ability to enjoy the great outdoors some people really appreciate the ability to grow their own food. You'll find that proper planning can indeed help you stay away from some of the problems that plague other gardeners - new and experienced alike. Plants and flowers only need the right encouragement to grow into perfectly healthy specimens that you can be proud of.

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